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Patient Testimonials

With over fifteen years of clinical experience in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have helped many clients with a large array of medical issues.
Our hope is that the testimonials provi
ded here will help you in deciding if acupuncture is the right choice for you.

"I have been a chronic migraine headache sufferer for the past 25 years. My headaches ranged in frequency from 3 to 7 days out of the week. Since beginning acupuncture with Peter, the frequency, duration and intensity of my migraines have decreased dramatically. Last month I only had two minor headaches which is a record low since I was 15 years of age and it's nothing short of amazing! Thank you Peter!"


Michael W., Annapolis, MD

"I started Acupuncture for a specific problem of plantar fascitis. Cured that along with allergies and other annoying aches and pains. Maintenance acupuncture keeps the improvements steady. Best medical choice I have made!"


C.T., Denton, MD

"I sought acupuncture treatment primarily to help with recurring bouts of insomnia. Secondarily, I was interested to see if acupuncture would help with some minor jaw and knee pain. The treatment has significantly improved my quality as well as quantity of sleep. I am able to avoid the anxious feelings that accompany difficult sleeping and soothe myself into a restful state each night. In addition, my knee and jaw pain have disappeared under treatment. I find myself recommending Peter Hennig to friends who suffer similarly and am happy to recommend his services to those of you out there who experience insomnia."


P.S., Annapolis, MD

"I was having pain in my right hip and was limping quite a bit. I had never had acupuncture before and, although I was somewhat skeptical, I thought I'd give it a try. Well, to my surprise I had almost immediate relief from the pain. I was doing really well but then I re-injured my hip and found out I had a muscle tear. I'm going to an orthopedic specialist now but i still do my acupuncture treatments which helps keep me walking without a limp and minimizes my back and hip pain."


Sally S., Chesapeake Beach, MD

"I came to Peter's practice several years ago seeking some help with anxiety and insomnia. Along with other lifestyle changes I've made, the acupuncture and Chinese herbs that I've received have truly helped. Peter's care is compassionate and caring. He takes his profession very seriously and seeks to use his knowledge and skill to make life better for his patients. He has also treated me for several shoulder and leg issues over the years."


Amy W., Church Hill, MD

"Hello, my name is Dean S. I have had a thirty year love/hate relationship with renal cell cancer. Over that time I have had six different surgeries, five of those occurring since 2004. In 2009 I had my last (I hope) surgery which took a good portion of esophagus. With the repeated surgical abuse to my body, I have had an ongoing issue with pain from excessive scar tissue. For the last several years I have been in treatment with Annapolis Acupuncture, under the care of Peter Hennig. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about getting relief from some well-placed needles. I was absolutely wrong! The benefits of acupuncture have been just short of miraculous. My pain levels have been drastically reduced. I am now able to maintain a more normal lifestyle, which gets better with each subsequent treatment. I would recommend Annapolis Acupuncture and Peter Hennig for all your pain issues, and for whatever else that may be bettered by Peter's skill set."


Dean S., Centreville, MD

"My first experience with acupuncture was in 2007 when I was dealing with back pain that eventually required surgery for stenosis. While being treated, I found that acupuncture could not change my need for the stenosis surgery, but it could solve other problems that I had not even considered were treatable through alternative methods. Peter was the first acupuncturist I found that used traditional Chinese treatment. I have been using acupuncture for a myriad of problems over the years. But since last year, I have been going to Peter regularly. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier that year. When I started realizing the conventional medicine was not solving all the issues that the cancer had brought to my body, I decided that I could not leave my entire health at the door of an oncologist. I remembered my experiences with Peter and returned to regular appointments with acupuncture. I quickly remembered what it was like to go into his office, stressed, tired, overall not feeling well. Peter works to see that my body is treated as a whole entity rather than one problem at a time. I am still dealing with the backlash of cancer but with more control of how these issues affect me as a whole."


Judy N., Pasadena, MD

"I have been using acupuncture for 8 years. I find that it helps me with all my ailments. Peter has helped me with colds, joint pains, stress and overall health. I would recommend his expertise to anyone with any illness or condition. He is gentle, caring and knowledgeable as well."


T.M., Stevensville, MD

"I was seeking an alternative treatment for my wrist, hand and finger tingling and frequent episodes of indigestion. I like that Peter took time on our initial session to get to understand my lifestyle, things I like to do and then taking more time to review my medical history. He then talked about the theory & application of acupuncture and related that to myself. I could begin to feel positive differences after 2-3 treatments. The treatments continued and became almost like a meditation, having a very positive effect on me. The treatments were producing a marked reduction in the issues that originally brought me to acupuncture, and also produced a very calming effect."


D.R., Arnold, MD

"I intially sought treatment from Peter in 2004 for recovery from an auto accident. He has successfully treated me since for a variety of issues including migraines, anxiety, peri-menopause and osteoarthritis. He offers the unique combination of skill, knowledge and compassion in treating his clients."


J.G., Severna Park, MD

"No words can express my gratitude for acupuncture treatments I have received in the past couple of years to relieve and manage arthritic pain in my hips, back and hands. Acupuncture has helped me avoid pain medications that have complications and possible addiction. Treatments are always professional in a very private setting. A very competent provider."


E.M., Severna Park, MD

"Acupuncture has been an integral part of my wellness program. My body was far from healthy before I began regular acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture has helped me manage my stress, my aches and pains, and has boosted my immunity. I cannot imagine life without acupuncture!"


Megan K., Annapolis, MD

"As a runner for 42 years, with an undergraduate degree in health and fitness education, my strong belief in the connection between the mind and body parallels the acupuncture practice and care I have received from Peter Hennig. I first met Peter in 2010 after a great deal of research on alternative medicine. At that time my mind and body connection was truly not in harmony, as I battled the aftermath of a severe tear to my Achilles tendon. Runners are not happy people when they cannot run. After living in a walking cast for 4 months and not satisfied with the rehabilitation and medical feedback received, I reached out to Peter Hennig. What I appreciate most about Peter is that he takes the time to listen, fully present in the moment of the patient. He asks questions and follows through with detailed anatomical information on the practice of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. I always appreciate Peter's sensitivity to the moment and his ability to accurately identify the best course of treatment for me, again based on his inquiry and care. Now into my 6th year of acupuncture, I continue to seek Peter's expertise for both the physical strains of an aging runner and for mental clarity."


Cynthia B., Annapolis, MD

"Peter Hennig has been my acupuncturist for the past 6 years. I started going to him for sciatica. It didn't take long to find relief. Now I am being treated for arthritis, sinus issues, TMJ and stress. I truly believe that without Peter's expertise I would be in constant pain, especially in my hands. I am now mostly on maintenance and only have to go once a month unless I have a flare up. Acupuncture allows me to live a full life again."


Paula N., Pasadena, MD

"I have had debilitating knee pain related to osteoarthritis for decades. A friend told me about her experiences with acupuncture and recommended I try it for both my knees and migraines I've had since a teenager. In 2012, I finally had had enough of the pain and scheduled my initial appointment. Since that time, my knee pain is so much improved that I can hike and mountain bike again. I've gone from having 2-3 migraines per week to having 2 in almost 4 years! As a bonus, the plantar fascitis I've had for 12 years is gone. I recommend acupuncture to everyone I know that has any kind of pain."


Kimberly S., Millington, MD

"Acupuncture is a process that begins with a long discussion to determine what ails you right now and ends with all of that going away before you get up to go home. I often fall asleep during the process but never fail to have all my miseries go away for the day. Repeating this process over and over is wonderful. Time well spent."


Dan N., Pasadena, MD

"I started acupuncture with Peter Hennig during the fall of 2011 having just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was very sick from chemo and noticed an immediate response to his treatments with regard to nausea & pain relief. Five years and 4 tumors later, I continue acupuncture treatments for overall pain and managment of symptoms. Peter Hennig has an excellent and vast knowledge of acupuncture. His knowledge along with his caring mannerisms and his compassion for his patients is why I highly recommend Annapolis Acupuncture. And the big plus for me...his office hours in his home. No crossing the Bay Bridge!"


S.H., Church Hill, MD

"I have been a patient of Peter Hennig's for over 8 years. In that time, I have received continual relief from hot flashes, migraines, anxiety, GI issues and pain. He is always professional and compassionate and takes the time to assess changes and provide appropriate treatment. He works in conjunction with my other medical providers. I have referred him to family and friends. Acupuncture has helped me improve all qualities of my life."


Gale S., Pasadena, MD

"My experience has been nothing but positive with Peter. I selected Peter because he practices Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. I have been a patient for 10 years. I have worked with Peter to focus on a few different things: sleeping issues, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, weight loss, pneumonia, energy and just over all well-being.

There was a period of time where I stopped coming because I was pregnant and driving was not comfortable. After I had my child I tried a local Acupuncturist that did 5 Element Acupuncture and I personally found no positive experience out of it at all. I decided to go back with Peter and I am glad I went back.


Every treatment I feel with Peter an improvement in the areas in need to improve. Peter is very committed to his patients. Not one time have I ever felt that he was not interested in my concerns. Each visit, he has a conversation at the beginning of your session to see how things have been since the last session you were with him. I like the fact that he is involved with your entire session from start to finish.


If you are looking for an Acupuncturist who is very committed and passionate, you should try Peter."


K.L., Odenton, MD

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